Mrs. Rajni Kochar

I had severe arthritis problems on both my knees and had consulted different orthopaedic doctors before but was not getting benefitted from the treatments received. Then through a common contact who also had arthritis issues, I met Dr. L. Tomar. At that time my condition had worsened and I could not walk without severe pain in my legs. He asked me a lot of questions regarding the treatments I had undertaken and studied my past reports. His assurance and deep knowledge in the subject gave me confidence to undergo the knee replacement surgery. At that time I thought I probably would never be able to walk the way I did before. But, thanks to Dr. L. Tomar, I can now walk again as I did before. I think his skills are the best in the field. If you have a difficult orthopaedic related problem, I am sure he is the best man to fix it. I wish him and all people best of luck.