I truly feel that he has some magic in his hands

While working out at gym, one day I started feeling pain in my right knee. It was too difficult to climb stairs when I felt immediate need to visit an Orthopedic. I visited Dr. L Tomar and took his consultation. I already knew Dr. Tomar as my mother had got her both knee replacement surgery successfully done by him few years back.
He got some investigations done and after carrying out a thorough study, he started my treatment with little medication and simple exercises. Due to pain and movement constraints, I had to stop all lower body exercises that were putting excess pressure on my knees in Gym and Yoga class.
I always had the fear if I would ever be able to get back to my normal routine life. But it was only Dr. L Tomar who not just treated my medical ailment but also counselled me as a friend and boosted my morale that encouraged me and helped in quick recovery.
Today I lead a normal life, do gym and yoga as well, and perform all possible exercises and Surya Namaskar with no pain in my knees.
I truly feel that he has some magic in his hands with which he treats his patients with great ease and confidence.
I am very thankful for his excellent guidance, care and treatment with which I got fit again.
Kanika, 36 years, Indirapuram

Caters to the needs of the patient

I was 32 when I was told that I needed a hip replacement to correct a congenital problem since my hip joint had completely degenerated. This diagnosis was made in UK where they offered me a free operation. I chose to come to India instead for the operation for after care. After some amount of doctor ‘shopping’ in Delhi and Kolkata I decided to go for Dr Tomar and his team. The reasons are as follows:
1. He took into consideration my age and offered me what was best for me in the long run. Not all the surgeons offered that!
2. He offered the most up-to date technology: ceramic joint, and an un-cemented joint placement. The later requires some amount of skill and even the surgeons in UK were unable to offer it.
3. His price was reasonable for what he offered.
4. Since I had come from abroad he took utmost care that the hospital environment was as sterile as possible to avoid any risks of infection.
What is also equally important is the after care. Through my stay in the hospital, Dr Tomar and his team took very good care of me. They answered my numerous questions and addressed my concerns. Once I was discharged I went to him for regular check-ups, at times and locations convenient to me. Whenever, I had a concern Dr Tomar has always been available at the end of a phone call. Therefore, I would highly recommend Dr Tomar if you want to best surgeon, most updated technology and most importantly, peace of mind.
Sohini Chakrabortee, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Tomar

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Tomar for enabling me to get back on my feet again. I had fallen from the terrace and had suffered fractures in the spine and ankle.
Dr. Tomar conducted Vertibroplasty for the spine and the surgery for the ankle. The displaced / fractured vertebrae were set in their position using bio cement and ankle was plastered as done usually.
Just after the third day of the surgery while I was still admitted to the hospital , I was able to sit up and the excruciating pain had magically disappeared.
Initially me and my family wondered whether everything would be as normal again , Dr. Tomar advised us that there was nothing to worry about and today here I am leading a normal life with no complications whatsoever.
I owe it all to Dr. Tomar , it is because of his personalized support and deep knowledge of the latest advancement in surgery that I am leading a normal life.
I wish him a very bright future and God Bless Him …
Mr. V P Sharma, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Heartfelt Appreciation to Dr. L. Tomar

Both my family and I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. L. Tomar and the associated surgical staff for taking excellent care for my fractured hip. With my age classifying me on a high risk category, the doctors operating on me were well informed as well as equipped to respond in event of a complication. Prior to the surgery, Dr. L. Tomar went over what were the available options and was upfront about risks and the expected results. He was also very patient and his deep knowledge about my condition helped in answering all my questions related to surgery and post operative procedures. I knew I was in good hands and the fast recovery I have achieved in the past 3 months since my operation is all due to the support and personalized support I received from him.
Mr. Pradeep Bhatia, Mathura, UP, India

Walking Again is a Dream Come True

I had severe arthritis problems on both my knees and had consulted different orthopaedic doctors before but was not getting benefitted from the treatments received. Then through a common contact who also had arthritis issues, I met Dr. L. Tomar. At that time my condition had worsened and I could not walk without severe pain in my legs. He asked me a lot of questions regarding the treatments I had undertaken and studied my past reports. His assurance and deep knowledge in the subject gave me confidence to undergo the knee replacement surgery. At that time I thought I probably would never be able to walk the way I did before. But, thanks to Dr. L. Tomar, I can now walk again as I did before. I think his skills are the best in the field. If you have a difficult orthopaedic related problem, I am sure he is the best man to fix it. I wish him and all people best of luck.
Mrs. Rajni Kochar, New Delhi, India

An Incredible Experience

Its my fourth day post microdiscectomy operation done by Dr. L. Tomar and I am able to successfully walk without aid of wheelchair and crutches. Every one of the team associates I encountered during surgery time took keen interest in my condition and offered treatment and advices keeping the success of surgery in mind. The special attention I received from doctors made me feel special and also helped me in regaining confidence in the surgery performed. I hope now I will not be requiring other operation. I recommend Dr. Tomar and his team to all people requiring orthopaedic treatment and consultation as I feel he is the best in his field.
Mr Puneet Bhasin, Faridabad, Hariyana, India

A Learning & Happy Experience

I am a very active person and I am very much interested in field sports. For some days during my golfing trips, I used to feel sharp pain on my right shoulder as I used to raise the club. With the deep pain persisting for days, I was recommended to Dr. Tomar by a friend. He took active participation in understanding my condition and checked me completely including carrying out involved diagnostic procedures. The results showed a torn tendon for which he recommended Rotator Cuff Repair surgery. The expertise of Dr. Tomar and his professional handling of the issue made the experience I gained learning and happy one. He is very knowledgeable and is certainly amongst doctors one can depend upon.
Mr Ejaz Ahmad, Dubai

Kudos Dr. Tomar and Team

I am an active person and for the past few months had high pain on my right knee joint. The thorough examination and MRI scan reports showed it as meniscus tear. The professional handling with explanation of every step performed made me feel I knew everything about my condition with possible alternatives. The extremely professional approach of Dr. Tomar and his team deserves a big thanks from my side.
Mr L. K. Tripathi, Patna, Bihar, India


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