Simultaneous bilateral hip replacement more satisfactory and better rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and satisfaction

A hip disease is very common in older people. Recent research states that around 42% of the people with osteoarthrosis have higher risks of having a bilateral hip disease and 25% of them need a total hip replacement or bilateral hip replacement.

What is a Bilateral Hip Replacement?

In the process of a simultaneous bilateral hip replacement (BTHR), doctors replace both of the hips in one operation at the same time in a day. It means, the patients have to be admitted in the hospital once for the replacement of both hips, and they have only one recovery period. Some of the patients may have higher risks of medical complications if they go through such a process. Your doctor/surgeon will discuss with you the relevant merits and safety from complications while advising you for BTHR.

Why do you need to get a BTHR?

You need to go through the bilateral hip replacement when you feel severe arthritis problem, and the pain makes it hard for you to live a normal life. Daily life activities like placing your shoes on the shelf, standing, and walking get difficult for you. You have unbearable pain when you do activities of high intensity. With time, arthritis worsens your health conditions and makes you unable to leave your bed too if not treated properly.

Benefits of simultaneous BTHR

Going through the simultaneous bilateral hip replacement offers you numerous advantages. Some of the significant benefits are as follows:


  • Eliminates pain – One of the significant reasons for going through Bilateral Hip Replacement is that the patient wants to get complete relief from the hip pain. BTHR eliminates the pain that made it difficult for you to live a normal life.
  • Restores your physical activity – After the post-op recovery, you can easily do your daily tasks. You have no issue/discomfort while walking/jogging or lifting an object with light to moderate weight. You can enjoy biking, swimming, hiking, and other physical activities that you stopped due to your hip problem.
  • Only one surgery process – Hip replacement is of two types – single and total (bilateral). In BTHR, there is a single surgery process. A doctor replaces both of your hips at a time.
  • Single stay at the hospital – As there is a single process for both hip replacement in BTHR, so you have to get hospitalized once.
  • Reduced cost – Going through BTHR is money saving. Having a replacement for both hips twice is costlier in comparison with Bilateral Hip Replacement.
  • Shorter rehabilitation period – If you go through hip replacement twice for both of your hips, you would have two recovery periods. You will have only one recovery/rehabilitation period if you choose to go through BTHR.
  • Less time off work – To recover from any disease, you have to be off from your work. In replacement surgery, the leave period in longer, and it can be more extended if you opt single hip replacement process. In BTHR, you take leave for a shorter period.
  • A single dose of anesthesia – Going through two hip replacement surgeries require two doses of anesthesia. You have to take only one dose of anesthesia if you opt for Bilateral Hip Replacement.


Apart from the advantages mentioned above, you can have some difficulties. The issues can be like total dependency on others, emotional support. Based on your health conditions, your hospitalization time may increase.


Going through a BTHR is beneficial for patients with arthritis. It would be more fruitful for you if you consult a surgeon such as Dr. L Tomar. You need to be very careful, and you should mention all your health issues so that your doctor can give the right advice to you. With this, you have minimum complications, and your recovery will be shorter. You will feel that going through BTHR is better in comparison with the one twice.