Surface Replacement

Surface Replacement

With the rise in science and technology, the Surface replacement of hip is emerging as a new option to traditional hip replacement for addressing the treatment needs of conditions like –

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis

As this process provides a bone-conserving artificial hip joint, it is more beneficial for younger and more active patients as the design of implant permits patients greater range of movement as well as much lower risk of dislocation.

Under this process, we aim to preserve the neck of femur instead of amputating it in conventional stem-type total hip replacement process. The femoral head is reshaped and resurfaced using artificial/prosthetic shell that allows femur to accept more load. Further, as the resurfaced head is similar in size to normal hip, it also proves to be beneficial in terms of bringing in more stability, thus minimizing the risk of dislocation.


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