Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement

For knee substitution, in the field of joint surgery, the Hip substitution surgery is considered as the second most basic methodology among the surgeons. There are many people suffer with the hip arthritis. It is quite difficult for them to know the right time to go for a hip substitution surgery.

Post Knee Replacement

In recent times, there are a number of hip surgeries are available which are known for partial or complete healing of the hip problems which are mostly caused by the reasons like, Trauma, Avascular Rot, Infection Congenial.

To take proper care of these problems a person with Hip problems needs to consult with an expert and experienced specialist on the said field. He will guide the patient about the joint related treatment techniques.

Core Decompression– This is a mediation which is used where the surgeon finds the unreasonable flow of the blood stream over the femur. Here the task of the expert is to find out the avascular rot, which is responsible for the joint inflammation.



In the Center decompression process, surgeons create a channel through drilling. This channel stretches between, femoral neck (at the top point of the femur) to necrotic region. The joining part of the bone is place into the drill channel and veins are sewed up to blood vessels. It is created only to allow the dried up bone union to re construct the blood supply on the head of femur.

Exact time for this surgery


Core Decompression method is applicable to those patients who are in their blooming phase of avascular sphacelus. The key target of this surgery is to temperate the movement of bone degeneration and reduction of joint pain.

Osteotomy– When it is seen that the patient is going through a problem due to dysplasia, and then the pelvic bone is set apart and balanced in the various methods to increase the solidity of joints. In addition to this, if there is any joint related alterations are noticed then this surgery provides a less pain and problem to the cartilage to the weight bearing part. Here the expert may perform different tasks to hip osteotomy methods which are based on the nature of the bone remedy.

Arthroscopic Debridement– In this process, the expert implants fibre optic Polaroid alongside the surgical instrument into a small point which helps to carry at the joint. This special surgical method is performed to wash out the cartilage tear at the hipbone socket of the horseshoe shape. Cartilage that is attached to the external corner of the hipbone socket