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Knee supports the entire weight of the body that makes it prone to stress and strain. It is a complex joint that connects the thigh bone with the leg bone. The knee cap also articulates with the femur. The joint has fine articular cartilage to ensure smooth movement with minimum friction. When due to any reason, the cartilage gets worn out the joint surface becomes rough and it causes pain during simple movements like walking and getting up. The aging injury or any form of arthritis are also the cause of wearing out of the cartilage. The knee replacement is a necessary option when use of Medicines physiotherapy or even weight reduction is not helping in reduction of pain of the knee.

The objective of the knee surgery from the Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi is to increase the mobility of the knee and reduce the pain associated with knee problems and injuries. The knee problems are common among the male and female who are over 50. Obese people are also prone to the knee pain and diseases.

The patient suffering from knee damaged due to trauma osteoarthritis or any other cause must consider the Knee Replacement as the best option to remove pain completely and improve the quality of the daily life which becomes restricted due to pain in the knee. After the knee replacement surgery the patient gets the physiotherapy service to gradually restart the movement of the knee. The knee is kept in the immobilizer which has to be removed only after consulting knee replacement surgeon who has performed the surgery. Initially the patient has to use the walker for walking and has to perform the number of exercises at home to strengthen the thigh and calf muscles.

The clinic of the Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi is fitted with the advanced medical infrastructure to perform the surgery. The world class hygiene and sterilization are maintained at the clinic. The surgeon has performed a number of total and partial knee replacement surgeries and less invasive procedures like knee arthroscopy on both male and female patients. The patients can contact the Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi for the highest level of medical treatment supported by the state of the art facilities. The use of pin less navigated knee replacement reduces the recovery time by at least 50 % in all cases. The highest rate of the customer satisfaction comes from the lack of complications after the knee replacement surgery.

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Signs for Knee Replacement Surgery -

The decreased knee utility identifies rigid and aching knee and needs knee substitution surgery to enhance their functionality. Despite the reality that getting respite from joint ache is the essential explanation behind knee substitution, the other expected benefits comprise:

· Limb rearrangement
· Decreased pain
· Improved practical capabilities

The choice of fractional/complete knee substitution focuses on wide-ranging assessment and treatment for patients with Permanent/ progressive harm to knees due to:

· Osteoarthritis
· Rheumatoid joint pain
· Trauma
· Other joint issues

Our Expertise

Knee substitution surgeries are accomplished by us for individuals with extreme knee damages. This helps in reducing their pain and permitting the patients to be active. Dr. L. Tomar suggests it to patients who are not getting any help from ache medicine and physiotherapy. These include:

· Primary Joint substitution Surgery
· Revision Joint Replacement Surgery

Our Strengths

A few of our strengths in this area comprise of:

· Expertise in giving complete surgical treatment help including aggregate joint recreation/joint arthroplasty
· Expertise in completing methods for uni-compartmental knee substitution or aggregate knee substitution
· Experience with essential & modification joint substitution methods
· Expertise in effectively completing complex joint substitution methods and modification strategies of failed/failing inserts
· Contemporary restorative amenities that improve our ability in conveying quality health care
· Surgery counsel provided with thorough, confirmation based outcomes about the joint effort with master doctors
· Patients assessed by orthopedic specialist having an association preparing in joint substitution surgery
· Expertise in giving treatment that range from non-surgical measures to intercession required through surgical means
· Alternatives talked about with patients as a component of instruction and guiding session
· Extensive encounter in giving non-surgical medicine that incorporates joint infusions, mitigating pharmaceutical, active recuperation sessions
· Service backing of accomplished anesthesia staff who uses most recent developments in attaining post-surgery pain control
· Dedicated backing of nursing and non-intrusive treatment group to encourage quicker reclamation and recuperation of joint movement, hence permitting patients to return to sound and dynamic lifestyle

Other Associated Benefits

A part of the alternate profits of our administrations include:

Contemporary amenities for carrying on primary appraisal concerning -

· Evaluation of restorative records and history of patients
· Conducting complete musculoskeletal physical examination of patients
· Conducting surveys of radiological studies (MRIs, X-Rays, CT Scans)
· Modified patient particular medication proposal focused around discoveries and analysis

Mastery in counseling patients who have -

· No determined profits from progressive medicine
· Those who need quick surgery
· Those who need additional assessment of diagnosed issue

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